Technopole maritime du Québec a tenu sa 18e Assemblée Générale Annuelle des membres le 15 juin dernier, durant laquelle la directrice générale, Noémie Giguère, a présenté
le bilan des activités pour l'année 2017-2018.

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Technopole Maritime du Québec, together with its partners of the Quebec Maritime Transport, Quebec port network and Canada Economic Development, launched the project Networking for Innovation in Maritime Transport (MERLIN).

MeRLIN will allow greater coordination and ongoing collaboration between industrial partners, based on their research and new technologies needs.
This alliance that aims to foster innovation in the Maritime Transport industry and the Ports is a priority coming from the industry, as shown by the commitment of  Montreal Port Authority (MPA),  Quebec Port Authority, Canada Steamship Lines, the The St. Lawrence Seaway Management CorporationFednav Ltd. and Groupe Desgagnés.


The Technopole Maritime network, commonly known as the Marine Resource, Science and Technology Cluster, is made up of stakeholders from the institutional, research, business and governmental sectors. Together, these partners have created an environment that fosters an exchange of resources and expertise. This collaborative approach results in synergies and a critical mass of knowledge that increases each partner’s efficacy and ability to act effectively.


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